GIT – Tips and things to remember

1. To change folder or filename from lower to upper (vice versa) use command line
> git mv fileName Filename -f
> git commit -m “Cool!”

2. For basics and details of git

3. How to commit newly created folder and its files
To check what files to be added
> git status -s
?? exampleWidgets/

> git add exampleWidgets/

> git commit -m “widget example”
5 files changed, 113 insertion(+)

$ git checkout -b 5374-text-igi origin/branch-prod
delete $ git pull origin branch-cherry (not necessary)
$ git add index.blade.php
$ git commit -m ‘your message’
$ git push origin 5374-text-igi


### Gitignore NOT working
### WARNING: First commit your current changes, or you will lose them.
git rm -r –cached .
git add .
git commit -m “fixed untracked files”
create mode ….
create mode ….
create mode ….
create mode ….

> git push

more to come…


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