Drill String Design

Drill string is an integral part of the drilling operations. It serves several general functions in a drilling system. The key objective of this study is to refurnish and make changes on the limitations of DSD 1.0 performance.

The researchers sought to provide new features and mathematical calculation on designing a drill string in an accurate and easy approach. The program helps the designer in selecting suitable pipe length to avoid possible buckling and high cost during the operation. The program indicates if the method of design is Newtonian or non-Newtonian.

This study provides deeper ways to come up with not only fast and accurate results of design but also to allow the user to design drill pipes up to five times. The user has an opportunity to change the input data through the guidelines of the program and permits the user to enter the emerging data of DP and DC properties.

The researchers used Turbo Pascal 7.0 as a programming language in improving the program.

The improvement program permitted the user to correct and modify the input crucial parameters. This involved the user to design the drill pipe up to five times and able to insert the new data of drill pipe and drill collar. The graphical presentation of the designed drill string was displayed in subtle way. These improvements are not outstanding to the DSD 1.0.

Moreover, DSD 1.10 gave results in a speed and accurate computations. Also, provides a proper length of drill collar and new features and commands to do such a thing.

Unfortunately, printing and saving the results of designs in DSD 1.10 are incapable.

The use of much advanced programming language was recommended to enable the designs to soften the existing limitation.

Drill String Design

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