CakeBake Set Up On Windows

* go to , download the cake 1.2 (this is only works with cake 1.2, because 1.1.x doesnt have console, you can create your own console by creating batch (.bat/.sh) file)
* right click on the My Computer, click on Properties
* go to Advances tab , then click on the Environtment Variables button
* in the system variables, there is aPATH, click to edit.
* add this string c:\xampp\php;c:\cake1.2\cake\console\ . Notes. I install the php on my c:\xammp\php\ and I unzip the cake in c:\cake1.2\, so depend on your directory, change that lines. Finish.
* To test it, open the command window. (type cmd on the run)
* type : cake help and it should show the help file
* for creating a new project, type cake bake project \www\mynewcakeproject
* Done .


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